Future buildings and renewable energy –project carries on the goals achieved by RESCA –project in the area of Hiukkavaara, Oulu. RESCA –project targeted to an implementation of a pilot area utilizing energy efficient solutions and renewable energy sources. Best practices were exchanged with other project parties and builders. As the solutions made in RESCA area are novel, and no experience of the behavior of the technologies and their combinations have not been obtained, the project Future buildings and renewable energy was seen as a natural continuum to the RESCA project.

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The aim of the future buildings and renewable energy –project is to optimize energy technologies or their combinations and energy efficiency together economically and technically in order to produce a functioning solution. Best practices will be copied and suggested to both construction enterprises and consumers. Energy solutions are intended to be measured, developed and assessed in order to develop technologies. The overall target of the project outcome can be described as:

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  • Continuous piloting culture will be established in the area of Oulu, resulting new pilot areas.
  • Target is to build safe, healthy, flexible, resource and cost efficient building bringing added value to residents.
  • To improve the level of energy and thermal design and the reliability of energy audit
  • To develop concepts for one-family houses to utilize different energy resources and renewable energy combinations, besides energy efficient solutions. Best practices will be exchanged with builders and other parties in order to ease the decision making between different energy solutions
  • To ensure that operation models obtained are brought into practice
  • The project will establish a platform for testing the usage and maintenance of future buildings

An attention is paid on the quality of buildings and the fact that buildings must be thought as a whole, considering that:

  • Buildings must be healthy, promoting adequate indoor air quality
  • Renewable energy resources are utilized and energy efficiency is at acceptable level
  • Buildings should be affordable to citizens
  • Energy architecture is considered in the beginning of the building construction project. Spatial solutions are flexible and buildings are unimpeded
  • Automation and control systems are able to operate intelligently with each other
  • Technologies are safe

During the project several quests from more than 20 different countries have been visiting in the area. Due to this the pilot area acts as a great showroom for companies.

The project is funded partly by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and the project is executed between the years 2014-2016.


For more information about the project, please contact Lauri Mikkonen, lauri.mikkonen(at)ouka.fi